Whether you are a machinery manufacturer or minor filo owner, we can fit and configure our device-fitted rover devices to your vehicles.
We are the manufacturer and the developer. We can customize solutions according to your scenario.

Y3T GNV Vehicle Rover

Starting from € 3,650

Y3T GNVA Vehicle Rover with Autonomous Steering

Starting from € 4,950
Advanced rover designed for fitting on a machinery or land equipment

Includes additional gear and mounts:
Device mountable protected container
Works with 12V, common for vehicles
Includes automatic soft power off feature
Supports vehicle pattern and dimensions for precise positioning vehicle on the map

Y3T Patra App

Introducing Y3T Patra! One stop solution for managing all Y3T GNSS Devices

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Agriculture Technologies

Y3T + Agriculture : Improved efficiency on land, better planning and more profitable farming

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Server Management

Internet server systems all we are. We are web hosting heroes!

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