Mafant E-mail Spam Filter

Our publicly available and free spam filter Mafant achieves 99% success rate and less than 1% false positives

Spam Filtering API: Mafant

Mafant is a TCP API that analyses e-mails in real time and returns a score indicating whether it's a spam or not. It's easy to integrate and uses JSON-formatted data.

We developed several algorithms on spam email and our expertise is shown in Mafant.

Mafant in details:
- It's a open and free public API
- Uses JSON formatted data for simplicity
- Supports SSL/TLS
- It analyses your incoming email headers and generates a spam score

Then you decide what to do with it. Usually likely-spam emails are put into separate folders

Mafant can be integrated to mail servers (like Sendmail, Postfix). We provide client for server integration.
It's also possible to integrate into e-mail clients.

Spam detection rate on all incoming mail is greater than 99%
False-positive rate (That's not spam but marked as spam) is less than 1%

It runs on our network and we keep it up to date. No hassles!
It's fast and secure!
Mafant API runs on multiple geobalanced network of servers.

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