Y3T Patra App

Introducing Y3T Patra! One stop solution for managing all Y3T GNSS Devices


Patra is a mobile app that will connect you to all Y3T GNSS devices.
Android, IOS, Windows compatible
Supports Mozilla, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari
Control and command all Y3T GNSS Devices
Supports automatic updates
Supports identity access management (IAM)
Cloud connectors for data transfer in and out

Abilty to initiate remote support sessions from GNSS device
Y3T Patra will give your full control of GNSS via your favorite tablet, computer or cellphone

Works on Wifi or cell Hotspot
Automatic device discovery and recognition
Supports multiple devices on the same network

Supports multiple devices on the same network

Requires Android 5.0 or later
If you own a Y3T GNSS device, please download our Patra app from Google Play Store:


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