Management Bios

Our Leadership

Sezer Yalcin, Founder

Sezer graduated from Bogazici University. He has ver 20 years of computer and software engineering
Worked for many internet giants such as Ebay, Yahoo and Microsoft
He established and managed several companies in Turkey, US and Canada.

Developed several tast specific servers for HTTP/HTTPS, DNS, NTRIP etc.
Vast experience in servers, management and Internetworking
Member of PHP Development Team

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Zeki Eryilmaz, Electric & Agriculture

Zeki graduated from Trakya University as an electric technician.
He has ver 30 years of work experience in various fields.

He has experience in farming and agriculture. Worked for with many agriculture equipment.

Responsible for developing and testing agriculture equipment including field tests

Agriculture & Autonomous Vehicles

Y3T Systems brings GNSS precision to machinery. With added inertial positioning hardware and software, you can operate your machinery with precision without any support

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Software Dev & Architecture

Vast experience in software development. Secure and robust software. Servers, web, embedded systems and IOT.
We also develop and implement integrated systems architecture.

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Server Management

Internet server systems all we are. We are web hosting heroes!

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