Y3T CORS Network

Our HA network of NTRIP CORS system can help you achieve precision on ground without worrying about base stations

Y3T RTK Network is versatile way to grow your operations with limited cost
We support NTRIP 2.0 and RTCM 3.0+ formats and all compatible devices. You can set up and use our services in no time.
We have various subscription plans and options for individuals, companies as well as owner of Y3T Base stations who wish to share their base station data.

Y3T RTK Network uses power and versatility of Y3T Kindred NTRIP Caster and Server

For more information on Y3T GNSS RTK Network, please visit:

* Please note, following URLs use NTRIP protocol and may not work properly on your browser. They are intended to be used on rover devices.


If your device supports SSL/TLS, please use following,

Base Stations

Setting up a base station was never easier with our networked base station hardware and exceptional customer operations support

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Y3T Kindred NTRIP Caster

Our robust, secure NTRIP caster is ready to serve your rover devices and vehicle equipment

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RFID Network

With Network-enabled RFID, we create seamless connections to real world to software systems

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