Water Automation Systems

Our smart water delivery controllers means you will have dependable, worry-free and cost-effective water control

Automated water delivery controllers, smart-saver systems

Autonomous, Internet-enabled smart controllers

Sensitive pump controller with precise tank-level measurement sensors
Supports scheduling
Supports desired tank ranges based on schedules
Phone-app based water level monitoring and control
Supports multiple tanks and multiple pumps

Worry-free longtime operation
Built-in voltage surge and power disconnect protection
Real-Time Clock (RTC), Internet time and GPS time sync options
Our advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software reduces costs by optimizing pump on times. For instance, based on your utility billing phases, it can run your pump more on time where it's cheapest to do so.

Base Stations

Setting up a base station was never easier with our networked base station hardware and exceptional customer operations support

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Software Dev & Architecture

Vast experience in software development. Secure and robust software. Servers, web, embedded systems and IOT.
We also develop and implement integrated systems architecture.

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Terms and Conditions

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