Open Product Identifier (OPI)

Open-source and royalty-free OPI system is designed to solve today's product identification problem

Open, Free, Fast Product Identifier: OPI

We developed OPI specification to solve problem with barcodes.

Barcodes, UPC, GTIN, Global Trade Item Number etc. These are so many and all try to solve a simple problem: Generating a unique identifier for products.
However they fall short of solving this problem. Also they create bureaucracy, cost manufactures a lot of time and money!

We developed Open Product Identified (OPI) based on Internet domain names. This solves many problems.
By design, Internet domain names are unique. By adding a subdomain under a company name, company can create unlimited number of unique subdomains. Thus:

- Self-assigned and managed, no central registration needed.
- Fast. You control it yourself.
- Free. No need to register with somewhere and deal with bureaucracy.

Here are OPIs for our products:

Y3T GNSS GR-A Rover :

Y3T GNSS GR-E Rover :

Y3T GNSS GR-V Vehicle Rover :

For barcode printing and implementation, OPI value should be encoded in "Code-128" format.
This will produce a barcode that can be read by common barcode readers.

For testing and development, you can encode your OPIs here:
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