Y3T Kindred NTRIP Caster

Our robust, secure NTRIP caster is ready to serve your rover devices and vehicle equipment

Y3T Kindred is the key component between your base and rover stations

Y3T Kindred

NTRIP Server & Caster
Web based control panel

Supports HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, UDP protocols
Supports basic and digest authentication
Additional modules support NTLM, LDAP and others

Automatic SOURCETABLE generation
Supports automatic closest+active base selection
Additional modules to support Virtual Reference Station (VRS)
Self logging in sqlite db format
Live replays
Live proxy/tunnelling from other NTRIP sources

Supports automatic updates
Supports identity access management (IAM)
Cloud connectors for data transfer in and out

Robust, secure and powerful
Supports thousands of connections on a single-core modern server CPU
NB Sockets and Thread support for scalability
Ability to support custom modules specific for your needs

Our base station network Y3T GNSS RTK NETWORK runs on Y3T Kindred software.

Y3T CORS Network

Our HA network of NTRIP CORS system can help you achieve precision on ground without worrying about base stations

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Agriculture Technologies

Y3T + Agriculture : Improved efficiency on land, better planning and more profitable farming

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Open Product Identifier (OPI)

Open-source and royalty-free OPI system is designed to solve today's product identification problem

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